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Arcadia is a blockchain software software development company focused towards bespoke development services. Arcadia's offering set ranges within the areas of chain-level development, network-level development & decentralized application development.

Our team consists of a wide variety of skill-sets, primarily focused toward network and chain level development. Our developers work primarily in C++, Rust, Java, and Golang. We work to deliver high-quality software development services with a focus towards long term maintainability and fast turn around production launches.




Arcadia looks to work with the most innovative and groundbreaking companies in the space, here are some of our awesome partners.








Arcadia assists in the software implementation of high throughput, machine learning and blockchain systems. We aim to provide the best possible customer experience with a goal towards long-term user satisfaction and short term return on investment periods.

  • Primary Level
    Blockchain Development

    Arcadia primary offering is focused toward primary level development, such as chain-level consensus and key generation processes, and network-level communication development

  • Secondary Level
    Blockchain Development

    We offer dApp evelopment and evaluation services such as MVP Consulting, dApp Design, dApp Development and User Testing. Smart contracts are contracts that are programmed to execute in a distributed environment in order to ensure enforcability. They can be used to support crowdfunding, blind auctions, multi-sig wallets or even gaming. We generally build on the Ethereum & Omnilayer platforms.

  • Machine Learning
    Development | Research

    Arcadia provides top of the line machine learning development services, focused towards working with CNNs and building actionable models that can be used to build high-accuracy data deliverables. In other words, building models that are usefull.

  • Developer Augmentation |
    Fractional CTO

    Ideal for businesses who want to easily scale up or scale down resources, Team Augmentation and provision of a fractional CTO helps you reduce the costs that are incurred by outsourcing or recruiting in house. We can provide single or long term solutions to meet your company's targets. From a single designer or developer on a part time basis to a complete, ready-made team, our expertise and professionalism becomes an extension of your team.
    With our CTO service, we can collaborate to research, design and execute your technology strategy, assess your technology landscape to highlight the risks and opportunities, create your technology roadmap and help ensure they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner and work with your executive team to identify how technology can be used strategically to accomplish your business objectives.

Implementing HRAs

Implementing Human Readable Addresses in a user-friendly and expedient way is often considered as the hallmark of the cryptocurrency arms-race to user adaption.

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OpenTrade Security Analysis

This document outlines a range of vulnerabilities and weak points found within the OpenTrade system by 3s3s.

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