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Arcadia Group was founded in 2017 as an image and reach consultancy group that focuses on cryptocurrency related projects. The business has since evolved into a Blockchain and Machine Learning development house that specializes in primary level blockchain development as well as machine learning research and development.

Arcadia Group has also strategically partnered with incredible designers, content creators, marketing experts, writers, proof-readers, technical analysts, security experts and high-end developers to deliver unparalleled flexibility with unrivalled quality to our clients.








Helping your team in the implementation of Blockchain or Machine Learning technology for your project starts with the symbiotic development of your product between our teams. Our development services consist of technical advisors and developers working closely with your tech teams to architect and develop your project to its full potential.

  • Primary Level
    Blockchain Development

    We are at the forefront of building secure products and implementations for our clients. We offer the construction of both public and private Blockchains depending on our clients needs which provides new options for digital security, using familiar cryptography with the benefits of immutable data. Our teams work with your team to understand how your business can take advantage of this technology to secure your data and improve trust based processes.

  • Secondary Level
    Blockchain Development

    We offer dApp evelopment and evaluation services such as MVP Consulting, dApp Design, dApp Development and User Testing. Smart contracts are contracts that are programmed to execute in a distributed environment in order to ensure enforcability. They can be used to support crowdfunding, blind auctions, multi-sig wallets or even gaming. We generally build Ethereum (Solidity) based as well as EOS based smart contracts.

  • Machine Learning
    Development | Research

    We are here to help you implement your machine learning functionality so it delivers as promised. Machine learning algorithms help your application to make better decisions tailored to your users' needs. Big data machine learning can provide personalized recommendations or custom-curated content to help drive user retention and interest. Using the latest toolsets, we implement machine learning features to your app, help it respond contextually to other popular services or even build an application from scratch to suit your needs. Our team can provide instruction, consulting, feature development, app development or staff augmentation services to meet your exact needs and accomplish your machine learning goals.

  • Developer Augmentation |
    Fractional CTO

    Ideal for businesses who want to easily scale up or scale down resources, Team Augmentation and provision of a fractional CTO helps you reduce the costs that are incurred by outsourcing or recruiting in house. We can provide single or long term solutions to meet your company's targets. From a single designer or developer on a part time basis to a complete, ready-made team, our expertise and professionalism becomes an extension of your team.
    With our CTO service, we can collaborate to research, design and execute your technology strategy, assess your technology landscape to highlight the risks and opportunities, create your technology roadmap and help ensure they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner and work with your executive team to identify how technology can be used strategically to accomplish your business objectives.



We are looking for a competitive field sales representative to develop sales strategies and attract new clients. The successful salesperson will source new sales opportunities and close sales to achieve growth. The successful candidate will play a key role in increasing income and revenue by managing and negotiating with clients, generating leads, qualifying prospects and managing sales of products and services. As an outside sales representative, or sales agent, they will also research sales competition, user acquisition strategies, and market trends.


  • Build long term relationships with clients and potential clients
  • Help define sales goals and strategies
  • Maintain an understanding of changes in market trends and shifts in technology
  • “Get the sale” using various customer sales methods (door-to-door, cold calling, presentations etc)
  • Forecast sales, develop “out of the box” sales strategies/models and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Evaluate customers skills, needs and build productive long lasting relationships
  • Meet personal and team sales targets
  • Research accounts and generate or follow through sales leads
  • Attend meeting, sales events and training's to keep abreast of the latest developments
  • Report and provide feedback to management using financial statistical data
  • Maintain and expand client database within your assigned territory



Implementing HRAs

Implementing Human Readable Addresses in a user-friendly and expedient way is often considered as the hallmark of the cryptocurrency arms-race to user adaption.

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OpenTrade Security Analysis

This document outlines a range of vulnerabilities and weak points found within the OpenTrade system by 3s3s.

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