Arcadia is a blockchain software development and security consultancy building and innovating in the arenas of privacy-preserving technology, scaling solutions, and decentralized finance.
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How Pocket can change the way Exchanges interact with overarching networks
Here at Arcadia, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of Pocket Network and the movement of simplified network communications. Arcadia is also big on
Implementation Analysis: Coin Control on the Zcoin Rich Client
As promised in our previous article covering our last contribution to the Zcoin community, we have returned with another Implementation Analysis! This implementation
OpenTrade Security Analysis
This document outlines a range of vulnerabilities and weak points found within the OpenTrade system by 3s3s.
Implementing HRAs
Implementing Human Readable Addresses in a user-friendly and expedient way is often considered as the hallmark of the cryptocurrency arms-race to user adaption.
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